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                  Welcome to The Strauss!                  

Hi there! Thanks for dropping in. The Strauss Gallery and Gift Shop is an art gallery and event space operated by the resident artists of Artspace Hamilton Lofts-- an artist live/work collective.


From art shows, concerts, workshops, demonstrations, poetry slams, community meetings, corporate gatherings and more, we  host events on a regular basis that contribute to the further development of Hamilton’s and Butler County’s arts and culture scene. 

All public events at the Strauss Gallery are always FREE! Yes, you read that correctly. Check out the "Support" tab for reasons why. 

We sometimes provide opportunities for donation, but never discourage people from attending if they choose not to contribute. 


As an artist collective, we encourage free expression, cultural enrichment, and the kind of personal and social development that follows from observing and participating in the arts of all kinds. We believe that creativity is a natural impulse that each person possesses. We’re all artists in some way. You are welcome to be yourself here and tap into your artistic instincts and creative practices. In fact, that’s what we’re all about at The Strauss. 

  • Artspace Hamilton Lofts and The Strauss Gallery and Gift Shop is managed by Dr. David Stark and The Strauss Gallery Board.

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