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Art saves lives.


And we believe it should be free to excounter. And accessible to all.


And it needs to be good, too. Not just the art, but the experience.


We aim to provide a fun and engaging experience at each of our events. That part isn't free, at least not for us. Expenses include marketing, food and beverages purchases, equipment/productions, and lots and lots of other production costs.

All staff and board members of The Strauss Gallery and Gift Shop serve as volunteers.


Our gallery operates entirely through donations, grants and commissions on sales.  As a non-profit, all monies we receive go right back in to our operations or other non-profit organizations with which we occasionally partner.

Donations can be made via Paypal under "". Or checks can be written to: “The Strauss Gallery” and mailed to:

The Strauss Gallery

222 High Street, Suite A

Hamilton, OH 45011. 


Thank you for your support of the arts in Hamilton, OH!  



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